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Animation is a fantastic way to bring your brand alive in a captivating way! Your audience will be glued to their screen as animation clips, images and videos are eye catching and exciting thus prolonging the concentration level of the consumer. Animation clips are usually enjoyed so much by consumers that they send it to their friends thus creating the viral effect. So get your message across by telling your story via visual entertainment whilst creating awareness and bringing pleasure, entertainment and information to life. WARNING: Infinite Curiosity can be expected.



Cell, Cut Out

Character Concepts (Corporate / Individual)



Stop Motion

Corporate & Individual Animation

Animation Directing

Visual Effects

Graphic Design

Brand Exposure

Script Writing

Production Design

Animated Video Clips for Online & Digital Marketing

Promotion Products & Services Videos (New and Old)

Mobile Content (MMS, Video Clips, Teaser Campaigns, and much more)

Product Information Videos

Training DVD’s / Clips / Conference material / Sales Presentations

Viral Campaigns
Video emails / TV adverts

Animate your logo or website

Add music

Digital Greeting Cards for special occasions like birthdays / company launches / news / information updates